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"Saturday's Bear"

"Saturday's Bear"

Original painting by Lucy Campbell

Acrylic on canvas

41 x 41cm

Bear cuddling a sleeping child beneath a shooting star

Artist's comments

This is a second version of a painting I created for my eldest’s 18th birthday. She was born on a Saturday. The toddler depicted here is my child. The bear’s fierce gaze of love and protection is one all mama’s recognise, especially those mama’s of children whose paths aren’t as straightforward perhaps as others’ appear to be.

I decided to pair this image with the following poem by the wonderful Donna Ahsworth…


This goes out to the mamas
raising the wild ones
the not to be tamed
the rare
the reckless
and the precious

you are shaping stardust
into human form
minding moonlight
till it’s ready to instruct the tides
and light the nights

do not expect the world to see
your diamond in the rough
not yet
they cannot

but one day
they will be unable
to take their eyes away
from its shine

To the mamas of the wild ones
you are star gatherers
moon catchers
and dream shapers

you are exhausted

but shaping starlight
into human form

was always going to be tough

and you are.

Donna Ashworth (from her latest collection of poetry, “Love”, available from all major bookshops)

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