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"Wild Twin"

"Wild Twin"

Original painting by Lucy Campbell

Acrylic on canvas

41 x 41cm

Dark haired woman and wolf

Artist's comments

This painting was inspired by the poem Heed the Call (The Wild Twin) by Ange Woolfall.

Ange and I had hoped that we would manage to do a lot more collaborating for this exhibition but both of us have crazy complicated lives… We have never met in person but found one other in the online space and resonated deeply with each others’ experiences and perspectives… both of us women ‘of a certain age’ navigating this turbulent period of our lives, trying to remain faithful to our creative ideals whilst our hormones and life’s curveballs play havoc with our capacity to be creative. In a way, just discovering this kind of ‘mirror’ person has helped to keep each other on track through some seriously bumpy times. Hopefully there will be further collaboration coming soon…

You can find Ange’s writing on
Facebook /A word slinging Woolf
and Instagram /a_wordslinging_woolf_

Heed the Call

Picture yourself in a life you’ve not led
Collisions not made
Paths never trod
Walked instead by another
Your wild twin
The banished one,
Who galloped through forests
Bareback and howling
Drunk on wildflowers
Lungs filled with green
Mudded soles
Washed clean by streams
Dried by the breeze,
Open your window
Take her hand
Follow her back
To the road forgotten,
Meet yourself there
Whole and unbroken
Know all at once
All paths lead to her
And love her,
For she has always loved you.

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