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"Miniature Ocean"

"Miniature Ocean"

Original painting by Lucy Campbell

Acrylic on canvas

26 x 26cm

A shirt is opened to reveal hidden ocean within

Artist's comments

Miniature Oceans Lyrics by Xan Tyler

It slipped through our fingers
like it were nothing at all
we thought it had no shape
but it took many forms
we tried so hard to hold it
but it seeped away
we tried so hard
just the same

we are miniature oceans
with tides in every cell

the seabirds told us
what our mothers should've said
sang into the salty wind
a different song instead

changes raining down
we lost our way
swimming out
the tides about to chance

we are miniature oceans
with tides in every cell
we are miniature oceans
holding it together in the swell


From Xan Tyler’s new album, “Holding Up Half of the Sky”

Xan invited me to collaborate on her latest project, an exhibition of paintings that each relate to one of the 12 songs on her album, which launches on the 4th of May at The Panopticon in Glasgow. This piece is a study towards my contribution to that project. The song is about

Xan’s website:

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