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"Unfinished #2"

"Unfinished #2"

Original painting by Lucy Campbell

Acrylic on canvas

40 x 62cm

Woman with pink flower in her hair holds missing piece of jigsaw

Artist's comments

Shadow work (a poem by Ange Woolfall, a word slinging Woolf)

I write for my shadow
She, who I never saw
Before the light changed
And upon my wall
Did cast her trace
Whilst singing a song
“The longest way around
Is the shortest way home”
Those words I had heard
Long before I was born
A lament for a piece
That couldn’t be found
An unfinished melody
Locked deep underground
The message unwritten
Its meaning still bound
But she came and unlocked it
Releasing the notes
Throwing them wildly
To the withering night
The melody complete
She showed me my song
In an instant I knew
It was there all along
I had put it away
For a self unrisen
Kept safe for the time
I’d be ready to listen.


For this painting I referenced a photograph by the wonderful photographer Brandon Thomas Brown. You can check out his work here:

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